The International Center for Advanced and Comparative
EU-Russia(NIS) Research Vienna, Austria

An Institutional Response to Old Research Problems and New Challenges in the
Russian (Post-Soviet)-European Relationship

ICEUR-Vienna is an independent brain trust providing analysis, intelligence and customized services for clients in business, economic decision making and the academia. Drawing on a wide network of experts and partner institutions, it conducts joint projects with the objective to promote business, economic, political and cultural cooperation between partners from the EU and Eastern Europe. ICEUR strives to fill the gap between the declarations of intent resulting from high-level meetings and realities on the ground by identifying problems and proposing smart solutions. Its geographical core area spans Eastern Europe and, specifically, the entire post-Soviet space. ICEUR´s commitment to non-partisan, issue-oriented applied research and consulting ties in with the Austrian tradition of a neutral go-between which respects the vital interests of the parties as a precondition for conflict resolution and enhanced cooperation.

ICEUR´s approach is comprehensive in that it is based on the insight that neither economic, nor political nor social problems can be resolved independently of each other. Its span of activities ranges from political to market analysis, and the expert meetings organized by the center convene specialists from various fields.

ICEUR´s institutional and company membership assures a solid presence in industrial and financial circles. Its lean management and flexible operation mode makes it more mobile and capable of rapid reaction than many large companies and institutions.

ICEUR was founded in 2008 by a Vienna-based group of concerned citizens from the business, international and academic communities who are aware of the shortcomings in the relations between the EU and the post-Soviet states. Meanwhile, its international network has expanded considerably. ICEUR-Vienna has become a brand name due to its analytical publications and its permanent expert dialogue, the Vienna Process. ICEUR activities are outcome-oriented and focused on the realization of mutually beneficial projects.

Services offered by ICEUR:
Customized analyses and strategic intelligence on the current political and economic situation in post-Soviet/East European states
Image-making campaigns for regions and companies
Country and business risk studies
Customized exploration and analysis of legal practices
Legal consulting, identification of prerequisites for establishing and doing business in European countries
Assurance of product compliance to European and ISO standards
Organization of fact-finding trips
Training seminars
Targeted business contacts, facilitation of business partnerships
On-site trouble shooting
Comprehensive service packages for companies seeking market entry in the EU.

Our core team

Karl-Heinz Strauss, Chief Executive Officer, CEO of A. PORR AG and President of ICEUR-Vienna.
Dr. Hannes Swoboda, a member of the European Parliament, vice chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Europe and President of ICEUR Vienna
Univ.- Prof. Hans-Georg Heinrich, Professor of Political Science, Vice President, ICEUR
Dr. Ludmilla Lobova, Political Analyst (Scientific Director, ICEUR)
Dr. Erhard Busek, Former Vice-Chancellor of Austria, Special Adviser, Economic Initiative for the Kosovo, Founding member and former President of ICEUR Vienna



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